Monday, February 25, 2013

First Major Rewrite: DONE!

I have the second one coming right on its tail, but the first major rewrite is DONE.

I have officially made it beyond any point of book-writing I've done in the past! GO MORGAN GO!

(Yes, I just pep-squad cheered myself, I'm okay with that.)

My fabulous sister is acting editor right this minute, and as soon as she's done her thing, then begins round two.

I love this work. Rewriting is sometimes a drag, but oh my goodness, I love that there is always improvement (is that weird?). I feel like even when this book is all done, published and in the hands of readers that I'll be like, "Oh, I should have done XYZ on page 123!".

I think that is fine because nothing is ever perfect. We are aiming for near-perfection here, and I'm happy to be working toward it.

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