Thursday, March 7, 2013

When You Work From Home...

Am I fraud if I claim to be working from home? 

Because let me say that writing a book is WORK. I love it, it's fun and all, but that doesn't mean that it's not work. 

Working means that I'm forgoing other things, like doing the dishes. 

And putting clean laundry away. 

It becomes a game of give and take every single day. When I can hammer out some words? I tend to lean toward writing during our daily sanctioned "Netflix" time, but the problem there is that I'm tempted to let them go passed the strict "2 episode" rule when I hit a good groove. More Power Rangers from 1994? SURE WHY NOT? 

See the problem here? 

Let's not forget that we homeschool. This means that at least 3 hours a day is devoted to educating. That isn't a lot, compared to a full-time traditional school schedule, but I only have two students. We get lots done. 

Oh, and remember that 3 year old, oh right and the 2 year old? They are awfully grumpy if I ignore them. 

The baby doesn't do much napping. 

Then, let's remember that I don't want my children to suffer while I "work", so when they bring me a book and beg me to read, it's not like I can say no. 

3 meals a day? Try 13. They are ALWAYS HUNGRY. 

Which means someone is always in need of a clean diaper. 

The house? In shambles most of the time. I *could* keep it neat and tidy 24/7 but THAT would be my full-time job. 

I'm just squeezing in moments to "work from home" where I can. 

I may never finish this book. 

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